Warranties & Guarantees

Natür Selfie Warranty

Need a change? Just let us know. Simple as that.

Our Selfie Warranty lets you decide your destiny when it comes to maintaining your perfect mattress. If you decide you need a change – at any time – you can switch, replace, or renew any mattress component so you never have to be without your perfect mattress, or experience less than optimal comfort.

  • No games, no fuss, no loop holes, no questions asked
  • You control your comfort, your mattress, your sleep
  • Renew you mattress at a fraction of the cost
  • No one needs to come to you home
  • Ensures your Comfort for Life!
  • Eco-friendly, saves landfill

Other mattress warranties become void if there is a stain, or you fail to use their foundation. On top of that, if you have a warranty claim, before being accepted, an in home inspection must be done to determine or measure the amount of depression in your mattress to determine if you qualify. Usually it must be a huge depression in order to be validated.

At Natür, no one will visit your home. You want a change?  Just let us know.  It’s as simple as that.  We’ll send you the replacement component. (Some conditions apply, contact us for details)


NatürSleep Comfort Guarantee

No worries! Our Sleep Comfort Guarantee ensures you’re satisfied.

We believe in transparency so not only will you know what materials are used in your Lifetime Mattress, you’ll choose them!

  • We’ll make sure you get the feel and firmness that’s perfect for you!
  • Easily replace the premium latex layer to create the firmness that you desire.
  • Our sleep experts work with you to ensure you are fully satisfied.
  • No fear purchase. You can never make a mistake.