About Us


Each of us has the ability to change a life, to influence the course of history for good, to pursue something greater than ourselves. At Natur, we are passionate about making a difference in lives all across the world. For us, it’s not only about providing you with a great night’s sleep for the rest of your life, it’s about providing quality of life for many others. At Natur, making a difference means that a portion of profits go towards ensuring young men and women can sleep safely at night. It’s more than a well-crafted mattress, the guarantee of a satisfying sleep, or a satisfied customer – it’s about the lives we influence and touch in the process. Because we believe that the sum total of success is measured more by what we build into the lives of others, than by what we merely build. Together, we’re changing the world one mattress at a time.


Developed by Ralph Rossdeutscher, the founder of Natura (a pioneer in natural mattresses and bedding), out of desire to offer a completely customizable mattress with a true Lifetime Warranty, Natür offers a dynamic range of natural and organic mattresses and bedding. From soy-based poly foam and latex mattresses, to full organic mattresses, and everything in between, there is a Natür mattress to suit your needs and comfort.