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Natur Sleep

Premium 100% Organic Latex Mattress

Using nature’s best materials for optimal sleep, Natür’s Lifetime Mattress offers personalized comfort for each partner, allowing you to renew your mattress at a fraction of the cost at any time. With the Lifetime Comfort Guarantee, ensure your comfort for life!

Pure comfort, pure sleep. Our organic mattress is made with 100% organic latex, pure organic wool, and a 100% organic cotton covering, for a sleep environment free from off-gassing, harmful chemicals, or sleep disturbing allergens. The Pür pairs two, 2″ layers of premium latex foam with a solid core of premium latex, and adds layer of temperature regulating, 100% pure wool wrapped in a breathable bamboo knit fabric to buffer pressure points and dramatically reduce tossing and turning for a sound sleep.


• 2″ Premium 100% Organic Latex Foam top layer

• 2″ Premium 100% Organic Latex Foam 2nd layer

• 6″ Premium 100% Organic Latex Foam base layer

• 100% Organic Cotton Knit Fabric

• 100% Pure Organic Wool

• No off-gassing or harmful chemicals

• No sleep disturbing allergens

• Eco-friendly, renewable and biodegradable

• Personalized comfort for each partner

• Resilient and long-lasting

• Eco-friendly

• Natur Lifetime Comfort Guarantee

• 11″ Tall

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